Emily Mason is a mother, advocate and graphic designer living in Milford, Ohio. She believes that good education is essential for improving communities and that every child has the right to attend quality schools. As a working mom with two children in Milford Public Schools, she is uniquely equipped to be a valuable member of the Milford School Board. She is highly involved in her children’s education, and has seen how the schools work daily through her volunteer efforts. She plans to use her skills as a communicator, marketer and graphic designer to make the school a better place to learn intellectually, socially and emotionally.

She began her journey to improve her Milford community by joining the PTA 6 years ago, when her son started kindergarten. Since then, she has served on the PTA Board, started and coached a running program for the school, volunteered her creative skills to design and manage the school’s yearbook, and served as a scout leader. Her parents instilled in her from a young age that it is important to speak up and fight for what’s right, even if it is difficult. This drove her to be an advocate for those whose voices are not always heard. She has worked on several passion projects for The Empire State Pride Agenda as well as the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Human Rights Campaign.

Throughout her life, Emily has been driven to bring creative solutions to fix difficult problems. This drive, combined with her talent for communicating complex thoughts and ideas, led her to a career in graphic design and branding 19 years ago. It was here that she learned to build successful brands by enhancing their strengths, looking to the competition for ways to improve and studying how brands and companies can best navigate our changing world to secure their futures. She is a self-starter and currently works at GoDutch in Cincinnati.